The Patch and the Significance of its Colors

Back Patch

Significance of the Patch

  • Sabbath Keepers: States our allegiance to the law of God
  • Seventh-day Adventist: Identifies our affiliation
  • Mark 2:28: Identifies who we serve
  • The three angels blowing trumpets in the center: Signify the three angels messages of Rev. 14 that will go out with power to the ends of the earth in the last days

Significance of the Colors

  • The BLUE signifies the perfect law of liberty, the law of God, the reflection and foundation of His character.
  • The GOLD signifies the trying process that all His followers go through and the promise that when His work is finished in us, we will be the perfect reflection of Him.

NOTE: The back patch can only be worn by members in good standing.

Back patch can only be ordered by the President of the local chapter.

Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry

South Central Region


Rick Thames - Regional Director

Arkansas-Louisiana-Oklahoma-Texas-New Mexico-Florida